Mission Statement@@Japanese School in Dubai@@@@@

Overall Educational Policy
<Educational Goal>
DJS will place importance on classroom activities, supported by creative ideas and contribution by the faculty and pupils.
The safety of pupils is of prime immportance.
DJS will ensure benefiting from the social environment that surrounds the school here in Dubai.
DJS will also strive to be open to parenta, Japanese Association and the local community.

Every effort will be made for the pupils:

To be pro-active

To nurture pupilsf capability and attitude to identify challenges and to judge, act at his/her own will
To be self-disciplined
To nurture pupilsf capability to think of the others and to share sentiment with others
To be global

To nurture basic moral and common understanding through direct experience in coming to close contact with different culture and language in Dubai

In order to achieve the preceding educational goal, the faculty believes that its daily activities should focus on the following criteria:

<How the Pupils should bec>
A pupil who endeavourt his/her capability
A pupil who helps others and does his/her part willingly
A pupil who tries to communicate with others regardless of race, religion or nationality
<How the School should bec>
A school that is abundant with creative ideas and thoughts
A school that is active all the time
A school that respects tradition, yet creates new values
<How the Faculty should bec>
A teacher should always be responsive and mindful of team play by faculty as a whole
A teacher should always train himself to enhance his/her capability and nurture personality, seeking wide knowledge
A teacher should always maintain close relationship with the pupils and parents and participate in their activities
A teacher should always act with self-determination and passion, bearing in mind the importance of serving the public as a whole in a fair manner

Educational Guideline - School Year 2008
The faculty will ensure pupils to develop the capability of gcommunicating their thoughts to the othersh in their own unique way.  The faculty will see to it that every opportunity is to be provided to pupils to express themselves, bearing in mind the following.
<To place importance on aquiring the "Basics" while encouraging individual excellence>
To give a clear picture on all lecture conducted
To provide tailor-made guidance to suit the individual needs of pupil
To encourage gprojecth studies
To encourage compuer literacy

To provide attractive gelectivesh
<To nurture capability to gLive Togetherh with others>
To promote exchange activities with local schools in Dubai to provide pupils chances to deepen friendship with local pupils
To provide pupils with adequate curriculum for local knowledge (nature, people, culture, religion and others)
<To make the school open to public>
To encourage the public to participate and to support various events planned by school through periodical school bulletin
To invite guest teachers from local community