Greetings from the Principal

Dubai is located at the mouth of the Arabian Gulf and has developed itself alongside the creek as trading depot for various commodities and merchandises. The vast majority of the area surrounding Dubai is desert but it has recently witnessed a number of spectacular skyscrapers and an extensive green belt is being built. It is now poised to become a modern city.

Japanese School in Dubai is located at gAl Wasl harea, close to Jumeira Beach. The pupils are actively engaged in school acitivities here despite the harsh weather during the long summer.

The school was established by the Northern Association of Japanese Community in 1980 as a foreign private school approved by the UAE Government.

The purpose of our school is to provide pupils with the same educational curriculum as offered in Japanese public schools. The educational goal of the school is to nurture the pupils to become gpro-activeh, gself-disciplinedh and gglobalh, aiming at the acquisition of the basic learning skills and sound social behavior.

Key Aims
To be able to communicate effectively with others about their opinions and thoughts
To acquire Japanese and foreign language skills through various school activities

To enhance pupilsf self expression and communication abilities

In order to prepare our pupils for life in the 21st century in an international society, we are conducting English conversation classes twice a week and Arabic classes once a week. In addition, we are working to deepen our relationship with local schools by arranging visits to nearby schools and inviting local Arabic pupils to Japanese School.
Through this we hope to increase each otherfs understanding of our different cultures and foster a spirit of co-operation.

Humiyosi Suzuki